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Installing Solar Panels In Homeowner Associations

The majority, 53%, of American homeowners now live in homeowner associations (HOAs). So, as Americans seek ways to free themselves from high energy costs, keep your eyes on homeowner associations.

Homeowner associations need to make it easier for homeowners to benefit from cheaper clean energy sources, including solar panels.

People are drawn to the shared services that homeowner associations provide, including landscaping, recreational facilities (i.e. pools, playgrounds, clubhouses), security, and property maintenance.

These shared services free people from the hassle of paying for and arranging for many services. However, with all these shared services come architectural limitations, since HOAs require conformity in design.

These limitations can prevent homeowners from installing solar panels since they are an alteration that requires approvals from the HOAs. It's an obstacle that has played a role in limiting solar adoption since more than 40 million household owners live in HOAs.

Fortunately, this is changing, with states increasingly considering energy supply a right of homeowners, resulting in more situations where solar panels can be placed in homes within household associations. So expect to see more headlines such as this, "New law protects Hoosier property rights, makes it harder for HOAs to say no to solar"

Indiana now joins at least 25 other states that have solar access laws that protect a homeowner's rights to generate solar electricity and ensure HOAs cannot prohibit their members from installing solar systems.

It's great to see state legislatures and courts take the sides of homeowners. With the combination of high energy prices and attractive incentives for solar installations, the timing couldn't be better. Helping the Homeowners benefit from the cost savings that solar provides. As solar adoption takes off, homeowner associations don't want to be left behind.


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