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The Open Sourcing of Tesla's Rapid Charging Technology

The open-sourcing of Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) provides convenience for US EV drivers, especially for 100+ mile trips.

While the situation for local charging keeps improving, the Supercharger Network doesn't have a serious competitor, which limits the charging opens for non-Tesla owners who need to charge during long-distance trips.

Electrify America holds the second-largest market share of the fast-charging market. A very distant second since Tesla's Supercharger network has a 90%+ share of fast-charging / rapid-charging sessions.

"The company started by Volkswagen as part of the German automaker’s penance for its diesel-emissions scandal operated 3,473 ultra-fast connectors in the US last year, second to Tesla’s 13,878, according to BloombergNEF"

Superchargers' share holds steadily even as Tesla's Electric Vehicle market share slips off the 78% peak reached in 2018.

Tesla making its charger technology available to other car manufacturers will allow many more EV drivers to charge across the Supercharger Network, and newly installed rapid chargers will accommodate just about all makes of electric vehicles, which will be good for the growth of the EV market.

Rapid Chargers Across The United States
(Source: Energy.GOV)


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