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The Honda U GO Electric Moped Scooter: Ready For The US Market

There is a large-sized market opportunity for electric mopeds in the United States, as people have grown comfortable with battery-powered transportation and electric mopeds are now being launched globally at real consumer favorable price points.

Electric mopeds have quickly grown popular in Asia, especially China, but haven't been widely launched in the US market, yet.

"China is not the only the world’s leading market for electric motor scooters and mopeds, but also the leading producer – by far. Manufacturers range from Sunra (producing up to four million a year) to Yadea, AIMA and Zhejiang Luyuan; and, on the more premium end, there is Niu"

I am especially interested in seeing Honda introduce its Honda U Go model into the US market. The U Go is a moped, styled with the traditional scooter look pioneered by Vespa in the 1940s. It can reach a speed of around 30 MPH, features a 1.4 kWh (swappable) battery with a range of 83 miles (a more than sufficient range for a vehicle designed for local driving).

While the U Go isn't the first electric moped available in the Asian market, by starting at a $1,150 price-point, it is a game changer. Honda also manufactures a lower priced variation of the U Go in the Chinese market call the U Be which has less power, less range, and less design detail. And, earlier this year, Honda introduced an even lower priced line of electric mopeds that look more like dirt bikes.

After the U Go’s success in China, U Go is now available in other countries, including, India, The Philippines, and Japan. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of time before it is also introduced to the United States where it would serve the needs of urban dwellers, as well as in suburban areas, where it would be useful as a station vehicle.

It will be a welcome entrant into the small fast growing US electric moped market. With Honda's brand name, the U Go would have far reaching appeal. And, at a lower price point than alternative products in the market.


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