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The Most Powerful (Deployed) Offshore Wind Turbine In The World (Fujian Provence, China)

The most powerful offshore wind turbine in the world has been deployed in China.

An amazing engineering feat that demonstrates how it's possible to build humongous wind farms in the sea that are connected to dense coastal population areas via submarine cables.

  • Peak Generation: 16 Megawatts

  • Height: 152 meters (high as a 52-story building)

  • Blade Length: 125 meters long

  • Sweep Area: 50,000 square meters (equivalent to seven soccer fields)

  • Power from Each Revolution: 34 kWh

  • Annual Energy Production: 66 Million kWh of electricity (enough power for 36,000 Chinese homes)

  • Connected to the grid in July 2023

  • Location: Fujian Provence in Eastern China

The (wind turbine) arms race to build the largest offshore turbines and wind farms is on with a focus on production, deployment, and well-deserved crowning (even if short-lived)

The Fujian Wind Farm that the 16 Megawatt turbines are a part of can provide a massive 302 Megawatts of energy. Super impressive, yet not even close in size to the 43 Gigawatt Chaozhou Offshore Wind Farm that is being developed further south in The Taiwan Straight.


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